50 movies in 2015

Inspired by something I saw in meepalicious's eljay, I am going to do this. 50 books in a year isn't too difficult (er, except for the last year or so when my reading focus has tanked) but 50 movies IS a challenge. I am also going to have it count for 50 new to me movies. Some I can watch over and over again, but that's not the point. I still have a full Netflix account with DVDs and I should be taking advantage of both.

Also, I am going to repost these lists when I add to them. Not going to bother with synopses or opinions because that will just mean it takes longer to update.

1. Mad Max
2. Reign of Fire
3. The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen
4. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
5. My Neighbor Totoro
6. Mr. Angel
7. Song of the Sea
8. Dear White People
9. Avengers: Age of Ultron
10. Mad Max: Fury Road
11. Ever After


Always overloaded

Good gods what a few weeks.

*Work Thing happened, does not affect my job, nothing negative on me, but totally unexpected. Yes I am being vague and I kinda have to be but I wanted some record.

*Last month I got inadvertently gluten'ed and it apparently undid any progress I was making on being able to handle even small amounts. I got some Japanese food for lunch one day from one of the food carts and they put (regular, made with some wheat) soy sauce on before I could stop them. I had a pounding headache for the rest of the day.

*Last weekend I celebrated Midsummer with siduri. It was wonderful and relaxing, even if we were drinking hot tea in the evening to counter the cold and rain which came in.

*Also as of Midsummer, my toenails are teal and my hair is red and purple. Need to do photos in better light, especially because the purple is getting brighter as the days progress.

*The house is still more of a mess than I want it to be and I am hoping that this weekend I can manage enough energy to improve things. Catching up on email as well. Food needs to be made up in a big way, along with prep for July.

*So, yeah, July. On the third, Faun Fables are in Manhattan and Gods I hope I can make it. Probosci on the 11th because otherwise I don't know when I might see Timba again. And right after a week of Chiefs and assorted friends, along with spending time with friends who live in/near NYC. Sooooo needed. As is the week I am taking off at the start of August and have ZERO plans to go anywhere, save for some places nearby. The last time I had a real break was when I was on leave from work after mom died. I need rest and not to be running around everywhere.

*Speaking of sleep, body, it would be nice if you would not be so keen on waking up over half an hour before my alarm is due to go off. The nose is also on notice for making my life annoying again.

Not personal:

*Pleased with the Supreme Court decisions this week, as well as pleased that some of the justices are showing their colors even more blatantly.

*South Carolina... oh so much, too much. It's so frustrating though to see how much "I'm not racist" gets spouted before crap comes out of peoples' mouths.


Highlights from my week

Today had a few:
*Appointment with bearfairie to check in on my health. I got a slew of new gluten-free recipes to try and some more ideas for lunches I can take to work. Huzzah!

*Visited Ms. Janice (for new people, one of my closest friends and her preferred pseudonym) during lunch today. We've both been having health issues so have not talked at all since late April. Found out the dose of foolishness she's been trying to manage. Not pleased. Not pleased at all.

*I was able to visit her because I was downtown today for a work conference. That was interesting, since the morning talk was about fair use and how it relates to access services. (circulation, reserves for classes, etc.)

*One of my students came in one morning with a baby bird. He found it on the way in, fallen out of the nest. He made calls and found out what to do: leave the bird near where he found it and the parent(s) should find it. Was cool to have that chirping around for a little while.

*Got in some religiously themed puppets for the collection. Some of them had plaid clothing. I was unaware of the stories from Biblical scripture which were set in the Highlands.

Jun. 9th, 2015

I've been feeling a little overloaded for the past week so I have not been keeping up as well. Last week was a mad scramble at work to order a huge amount of materials to spend out one of our funds. This one in particular is an endowment, so we would not lose it, but if we leave a lot of money in such a fund the subsequent years may see a lot less money coming in. That, plus working "normal" hours with my boss right behind me means I am reading a lot less online. We won't discuss the saved queue I have in Facebook right now.

I managed to get my Pagan Activist post up last night. Whenever I do a post like this I feel like I miss so many ideas I had in my head. Despite it taking forever for me to finish last night due to being hella tired, I've already gotten way more response than I normally do. Sometimes it feels like I just keep preaching at the choir, but I keep on going.

Also, remember last week how I said I was doing better energy-wise? Well, the weekend hit and that went to crap. Working on getting an appointment to talk more adjustments to make. Oh, and get some questions to ask as I search for a doctor.

Jun. 3rd, 2015

If it were not for blood kin, I would forget I live in a bubble reality of polytheism, magic, compassion, and anti-Capitalism and anti-ism activists. I posted an image from Bernie Sanders saying that people in Marin county, California live 12 years longer than people in a county in Kentucky and all due to poverty for the latter. One of my cousins went off about welfare abuse, without any citations, just "I see it every day." (No dear, I love you, but unless you're everyone's bookkeeper, you don't know what they are getting and what they are spending.) I ended up pointing out that it's pretty much pointless to demonize people with no political power when those who have it do everything they can to hold on to every last penny possible.

Hi, I'm witchchild, and I have to admit I like my bubble.

So far this week I seem to be doing better health-wise. I don't know if this is a supplement change or something else working. Either way, I am all in favor of it. These days it is not common for me to feel fully coherent and well. I spent over a month suffering either with illness or neverending allergies.

Work is getting interesting, in that way of "oh crap I have money to spend and we need to have it all allocated by Friday!" sort of way. It's the scramble of finding things to order that we don't already have and cost as much as possible. For so many years, this one fund of the library got commandeered to pay other invoices. Now that it is not an issue, we're almost at a loss for what to do.

I've also been rediscovering the joy and aggravation that is video games. For all that I may get annoyed as levels get harder (in this case with Rayman Origins), when I finish up a portion of the game I feel SO good.

One last thing, I am applying for two local jobs this weekend. Both are reference gigs, neither asks for previous experience as a librarian (no small thing there), and they are within quite reasonable commuting distance.


May. 31st, 2015

Are you looking for active LJ-ers to keep your friends list busy over summer (and all year round, really)? Join the Summer of LJ friending meme.

May. 19th, 2015

i had to look back at my eljay to see how long it has been since I posted. A month. Because as I was recovering from flu I got waylaid by allergies again. It's been awful. IT's not even the kind of allergies where you constantly sneeze and sniffle. Nope. I got the post-nasal drip to end everything allergies. I'll spare you the details save for that I have sounded disgusting for weeks and even now I retail some of the coughing. Last week I hit my limit and went to one of the walk-in clinics (still I do have new insurance but no new GP to see me) and confirmed that it was a post-nasal drip cough. The NP there reminded me of something I have not used for a long time. Flonase. Wouldn't you know, it helped!

In case anyone is wondering why I don't go to doctors sooner when I am sick, it is due to getting over-prescribed antibiotics when I was young. And now I tend to wind up sick with things that won't be helped much by medication so it almost feels like a waste of time for the amount of time I deal with acute illness.

Now if I could just find a doctor to help out with the chronic stuff and take me seriously and not blame one of my symptoms (weight gain), maybe I could get somewhere.

I've switched over to regular work hours, and it has taken almost two weeks to reset my sleep patterns. Which helps none because I am going to a show downtown tomorrow evening. Maybe I can nap after work...

Saw Mad Max: Fury Road over the weekend, and should you not be on other social media with me, I loved loved loved it.

And this weekend is Renn faire! I am going to wear my kirtle dress even though it runs tighter than I want. Real turtle brooches have also been purchased so I can hang ropes of beads. Plus, going out is good.

Apr. 21st, 2015

Who's your favorite philosopher and why? Why do you connect with this person so much?
While I am not as well versed in philosophy as I may like to be, I have three favorites from the Classical period.

Ptahhotep: Egyptian philosopher, probably would fall into the Stoic school

Epictetus: THE Stoic and the reason why I started to get into and interested in philosophy

Hypatia of Alexandria: polymath, next to none of her work survives but her influence remains.

Apr. 20th, 2015

In good news, my flu is clearing up. Temperature broke by Friday afternoon. What weirds me out these days is I can get through the acute parts of illness fast but it also saps whatever fortitude I might have built up. I have been dragging hard in the last two days and barely able to get out of the house before the time I am due to arrive at work.

But I have rediscovered the joy of mucinex, or at least its generic version. It's about the only thing helping with the cough. Normally I won't take cough suppressants anymore because they can drag out the recovery period. but I can't miss work now. We're coming into finals and it's common for people not to make their shifts, and for not being able to get substitute coverage.

It's also time for me to start asking for help from my local peeps. I had an epiphany last week as to why it's so difficult for me to ask. I grew up with a paradox, a parent who ascribed to and cultural tradition of self-sufficiency, who couldn't understand why I would not ask for help. My brain decided to release some memories of my youth when I would be denied help because I was supposed to be smart and get whatever the thing was on my own. Or being ridiculed for needing/asking for help.

(Incidentally, these days I have some huge skepticism around the labeling of smart. That's fodder for another day.)

what this means is that I am going to start asking people up front to come help for an hour or two on weekends with getting stuff out of the house. I can't deal with this in-between state of making the place more mine, replacing things which need to go, and getting rid of stuff that never gets used. Plus it would be nice to be able to move in some areas without having to dance around all the extra furniture. My living room does not require a couch and THREE chairs, for starters.