Apologies for the quiet

Colored pencils
I've spent the last few weeks feeling extra shorted on sleep and having that almost ill feeling on a daily basis. I'm amazed I can get out and function in the world.


30 days of gratitude: 10

Autumn key
*Granted, it happened late last night and I have yet to set it into firm words but I had a Thing in my head when I got home from work and it demands being written out soon!

*thank Gods for that little voice suggesting I check my work email before I left, because otherwise I would not have known my first item of the day meeting has been rescheduled for next month.

*Not having to worry about olive oil purchasing for a while because I found out I won a case of it from one of my favorite bloggers!

30 days of gratitude: 9

Autumn river
Today I feel gratitude for the fact that I did a lot of physical work in the house last night, and am not feeling any serious aches for it today. Another step in the right direction, if you ask me.

30 days of gratitude: 6-8

Valentine's Mayhem
Alas I have skipped this for two days, which is not the best idea but I am here to take it up again.

6: I made it through the day, and got some needed things done.

7: Woo for running errands and ritual work with siduri!

8: Today I have managed to do a lot of food prep, not just for meals but for some stuff to store in the freezer. There are still Brussels sprouts to be steamed for the freezer, and a batch of vichyssoise to be made up. I also need to clean more but it will happen.
And the big thing is this. While I spent a lot of the afternoon camped out on the couch binge watching last season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I got the best treat. Danerys. my shy, skittish little girl cat, spent a lot of time by my side. I still can't pet her but she kitty napped on my leg a lot. Huzzah!

This was the weekend last year when my mom went into hospice. Is it sad for me? A little, I won't deny that. But to be honest I still remember that sense of relief that she was no longer suffering with her cancer. There is a nice spread of food offerings in the ancestor shrine now in acknowledgment of her passing.

The other interesting turn of today is this: when I was out food shopping I ran into one of my neighbors from my childhood. Someone I had not seen in a good 20 years. The first question, how am I, and the second question, how is mom. I was okay with it too. And also relived, because she had a son relatively young, and he apparently got over his horrid teenage years.

Yesterday had a big dose of frustration. After several days this week of trying to get a signature guarantee to get one of my mom's accounts moved over to another institution, I found out that I have to get even MORE documentation before I can get that signature.


But the ball is still in motion and I can't stop it now. Sometimes it feels like this will never be finished, but other things are moving outside of my direct vision. If that were not happening I think I'd be in a horrible depression now.

The finale of Doctor Who is starting momentarily. I am still kinda wishing I could find someone to write an AU fanfic with the wish I'd had for Missy's identity.

Nov. 7th, 2014

domestic goddess
Next Saturday I am going in to NYC for an exhibit, and I may have to take a side trip to Brodo and get myself a nice cup of chicken broth.

Bone broth is one of the most nourishing and easily digestible foods on the planet. As a matter of fact I'll be making a new batch of chicken broth starting today.

30 days of gratitude: 5

Mo in library
It's been a crazy day here in the library. Yesterday was the start of my boss's vacation, along with a rollout of an updated version of a program crucial to my job. Therefore it was inevitable that a bunch of problems would come up. A flurry of emails happened, and the responses came in before I got to work this afternoon. And for now, they are done matters. Which leads to my gratitude.

I feel gratitude that I have been at my current job for just over five months, and I am proving to myself (and others) that I am learning and know some of what I am doing. I may have felt scattered and wound up from the whirlwind of what I dealt with in the first 90 minutes of my day, but it was also fun and a nice energy boost.

And also made the flourless cupcake I bought before work seem like a wise decision.

My work weeks fly by so fast now. Tomorrow is the end of my week, again!

30 days of gratitude: 4

First, being able to vote. Granted, I live in a blue state, and my politics run a bit more to the left than what is considered such in this country, so we'll have to see what the turnout is like before I consider if it was worthwhile (and geez, run on sentence!) The gubernatorial race has been nasty here, and even made the Daily Show last night. But still, being a bisexual polytheist means for me that while the Democratic party might be a disappointment, the current state of the Republican leaves me frightened for my safety.

Second, I feel gratitude for the condo management people again. Yesterday they handled the tree. Today they fixed the loose storm drain. Woot!

Third, I feel gratitude that I am able to keep myself upright the way I am even though I ran too short on sleep last night.

That's all I've got for today.

30 days of gratitude: 3

Talks to wolves
Item 1. I heard the buzz of chainsaws outside my house around 9.30am. No, it was not some late Halloween scare, it was landscape people chopping up the fallen tree.

Item 2. I feel like another layer of fog has lifted from my brain. Not sure what it is. Maybe it's being past Halloween and a spiritual thing. Whatever it is, I am not complaining!

Item 3. Getting a quick answer, and one I like, from my bank. Thank you for providing a service Goliath National Bank will not do at their branches anymore!

Definitely adjusting to the time change, and even though I am sleeping the same amount and same "time," now it somehow feels more restful. Which means I can focus better before work, resulting in me making some progress again with the financials today. Nothing major, but something.

Today is the last day of Fet Gede, and for the first time ever I was able to leave offerings. I also did my ancestor veneration this morning (due to forgetting yesterday) and another first time in a long time moment, I lit up my Legba shrine. And I also cleaned off the shrine for the other lwa I serve. It's the time to do this, and almost past time I got back into active practice. It feels good.

30 days of gratitude: 2

Autumn key
My day has been dominated by one thought, and I suppose that is my gratitude for the day.

About an hour before I left for work, I stepped out on to the deck to bring in the last of my herb boxes. Yesterday ended up with horrible weather, rain and wind for most of it. The wind kept picking up too, and the Hunt was out in force. Today is clearer but no less windy. And sometime yesterday or today, a tree was felled and landed against a corner of the condo. This was the view which first greeted me and I was definitely not ready for it. About the only damage there seems to be is that the gutter on the roof is a little looser. Could have been a lot worse.

Today I am grateful that this was the only problem.

I ended up pulling in most everything else on the deck, and maybe tomorrow I can get the last small items and sweep off the leaves.

this is a little disconcerting though. I called the condo company and I sure as anything hope they can have someone come out soon and check the other trees around the property. I think trees have fallen before to hit units but I can't remember what kind of damage has happened. The last "damage" I recall was during one of the snowstorms a few years back, and the woman who was two doors down called the fire department because of a small leak in one of her windows.

Yeah, I am glad she is not living there anymore.

And to add to my gratitude, I just got to field a reference question. One to which I did not have the answer, but was able to find it for the student!

Now I figure out what to do with the rest of my evening, while I get some muffled strains of the evening ragas happening over my head.